Shopping alone

I had been in Beijing for one month. I did not want to stay home alone like a fool. All of my friends were busy. None of them spends the time to roam around the capital with me. Beauty Sandy, a friend of mine, who is going to America on business. Lovely Yoyo, another friend of mine, has gone to Guangzhou on business. Yuanyuan was ill after she had toured the Disney of Hongkong with her husband. She had went to the hometown and would take a rest. Elder brother's wife of my husband's, she was busy too. Nobody with me together, whatever, I will ride a broom through the window like a witch. I should get my own way. Shopping alone, this is also a pleasure.

It is not too expensive of a part of goods of Beijing's. Some articles are cheaper than Shanghai's. Yesterday, I spend the whole day in Xidan district. I bought clothes for myself in Juntai emporium. these clothes are comfortable to wear. I caught up with heavy traffic when I went back home. Xizhimen is only several stop from Fuxingmen. The inside of subway were full of a large crowd of people. On these occasions, the traffic assistants could be trying to keep order, but he could do nothing for this. Everyone had to draw in a lot of breath of olid air as the door closed. It was worse than I thought.

A over 200-pound fat man and a bony man like a monkey, were standing with me right and left. One was lanose and the other was stiff. A sturdy woman was standing ahead of me, another person had a bit of a cuddle behind me. I was despondent among them, because I not only was almost out of breath but also guessed that all of them intend to trample on me.

This jam could remind me of a advertisement. The story talk about this: A young man first took out a cachou from his pocket and put it into his mouth. After a while, he blew a breath of fresh. A second passed and then, a large crowd of people disappeared immediately along with a blast of wind. The space is big enough to wallow. But I did not expect so. I prefer to have Gongfu like superstar Lixiaolong, then I could not fail to throw out everybody. But it was no use dreaming that nobody in here. I have to suffer this.