Never out of control

Actually forgetting what day is it, I was lost in the maze for several days.

Seeing aileen online on msn, I sent a smiling-face picture to her.

It is necessary for introduce aileen, I met her in Sichuan. Just then we used to look after earthshock survivors in hospital. We chated about anything and drank a cup of coffee together in our spare time.

Aileen was a great-hearted girl in spite of she come from Shanghai. We were both very passionate people so like each other so much. Perhaps I met her early when I was in Shanghai, but at that time I did not know her.

Aileen said that she could not fall asleep recently. What a coincidence! Yesterday I read a piece of report that insomnia will cause people sudden death during the spring. It is disturbing to think that I could not fall asleep oftentimes. One day, in the midnight, the house we lived in was shocked by earthshock like a child wobbles his toys. I began shouting and woke up roommates. Aileen was jumping up so quickly and rushing towards the door. It was so funny. This is only good thing insomnia made for I experienced earthshock first time in my life. I will keep plenty sleep If I knew that insomnia can be person sudden death. I feared death.

Aileen said that she was in trouble. I told her the question is easy enough and incited her to write a blog in name-calling way. Myself often did it, and everything under control.

Mention the control, it occured to me that I know a doctor who used to work for a Mental Hospital in the past. She took herself so seriously, and claimed that it is possible for everyone will be having a nervous breakdown. She stay in Mental Hospital with delirations for a long time. I guess that the patients get so crazy that her brain almost damaged. Poor doctor in clothes often looked like a soldier, or a lady from Britain in the nineteenth century, or Aoteman from Japan.

People who keep them mind in perfect condition belong to the regular people. If you out of the control, I am so sorry for you must confined to a room of Mental Hospital.