The weather of Beijing get a great cold almost immediately. The temperature was quick to fall off for days on end. All the cicadaes had been died from chilliness. The crows who exist on the tall tree of the Youyi hotel, had hardly had time to grow feathers when it have fallen chill.

I was lazy more and more. Staying at home, I stared at computer screen all the time except going out for have something to eat. English which I had learnt was not good enough. On the other hand, the sad truth is that I failed to advance on capacity of composition either.

I had already played the game called ' puzzle quest' over. I had finished main missions, had taken complete possession of all castles by force, had held magices, had trained the dragon who was rided by the role of the game, and equipped latest weapons for next fighting.

About play games, there was a difference between Aiming and me. I rashly attacked various dangerous sdeletons and monsters on impulse. Aiming, however, cagily kept the every step in slow condision with his good patience. If he were Kongming sway a fan slightly who, was one of the most famous strategist in Chinese history, I were Zhangfei who was a intrepid hero.

'In war nothing is impossible, provided you use audacity' (George S. Patton)

During the National Day, we had no idea where are we wandering. Aiming suggested that I point at the map of Beijing where we shall go. Finally we decided to going to the Beihai park.

There was not only a heavy traffic jam in our way to the park, but also a huge crowd of people in the park. Nothing could have been more desponding. We felt regret as we saw that there were people everywhere. We both love travelling in the mountains, but we do not like that people congesed the places. I thought that we would not take an excursion like this spot anymore.

We intended to stay at home and watch movies on net next days. Introduce a few movies: 'Mirrors', 'Rule Number', 'Stuck', 'Apartment', 'Hancock', and 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. If you have not watch these films, in my opinion, you should watch them in your spare time.