A silly dung beetle

There are a colony of dung beetles in the forest. They trundle sphere of the dungs working hard everyday. A silly one among them who had made a square of dungs. Others move sphere with ease, but he had to go to great lengths to push his square forwards.

Suddenly, the silly dung beetle found a white ball in his way when he was out of breath to pushed. Chucking away the square dung, he decided to take this one. No sooner had he touched it than the ball rolled down the hill that it was so fast than he thought. He ran after as quickly as possible and tried to catch up with it.

The white ball rolled in the lawn. When the silly dung beetle held it again, At exactly that moment, he was thrown out with the white ball together by a golf club. He happened to land near his square dung. What a tragicomedy!

Dream had been broken. It is all very well for the white ball is in possession of himself, but it is not belong to him. He has no other way to move a block of dung he owned.