I thought that snow was absent in Beijing this year.

The city was surrounded by dryness and fierce wind. It continued throughout the whole winter.

The snow had arrived silently at the one midnight of the early spring that I even unnoticed.

Missed the snow falling, I just saw it banked up on edge of the roof in following day. It almost melted and left pieces of marks around there to prove that was at one time visited.

The rockery and the octagonal pavilion in the yard were covered with snow. A fringe of evergreen bushes stand round a goldfish pool whose surface was frozen.

Actually I learned of the snowfall only after yoyo sent me a VCR. She took it with her cell-phone. It seemed to be fantastic that the snowflake was dropping down from the blue-black sky in every direction in the light of the lamp post. These scenes looked like a fabled world. I heard yoyo laughed as a child.

Even though this snowfall came late and brief beyond winter, it was still beautiful.