Little Talk



我:“Thank you, how’s your feeling?”

她:“so tired, and you?”

我:“me too ……..I never talk to somebody in English before, you are the first one.”

她:“really? It makes me feel

我:“I was always nervous when I speak English with someone.”

她:“Be sure not to be nervous when you made mistake, nobody cares about it, because this is the second
language, just say it.”

我:“I’ve been studying English over two years, by myself. I have no chance to speak in English. In the other side, I’m really afreid be rude if I made some mistake in a impolite way.”

她:“I can understand what you mean even through you have mistakes in your sentences. I would never blame you, it’s all chinese teacher’s fault, they told their students be perfect. Who can always be perfect? English is simple, many people over the world learn it. It doesn’t like chinese, if I speak wrong words in chinese, you don’t understand. Study is boring, why don’t you take some English classes or get to English corner and make friends who can learn with you together?”

我:“You are right, I’ll think about it. I’m so glad you encourage me.”

她:“Anyway, don’t worry. I used to take my students with me on business trip. Many people, from Japan, Spain, Italy, France, speak English and made lots mistake. My students said that heard that makes them feel good, they don’t worry about their poor English at all.”