dental problem

Since my decayed tooth haunt me for a long while, I made a decision that I'd have to have it pulled out.

In a lovely day, I went to the dentist’s with my remarkable courage, everything seems to be fine.

The dentist is a polite lady wearing a pair of glasses. She talked with me softly and let me lie down, turned the operation lamp on.

The dentist prepared everything she needs, and then asked me keep my mouth open, relax.

I saw at a glance that a tray over there where the dental instruments, something like a hammer and a screwdriver, had been placed. I closed my eyes immediately. Out of sight was out of mind.

The dentist told me the knowledge about dental diseases, trying to get rid of my nervousness. I said I don’t feel like hearing this, because the more you discovered, the more scared you get.

My face was senseless after being injected anesthetic by the dentist. A few minutes later, she got busy start drawing my bad tooth out.

I was really curious that she how to work. I opened one of my eyes, saw a lots of tools exchanged one by one in her hands.

What a long time. I had to suffered the oppressive torture! That decayed tooth extremely hard to pull. The dentist kept repeating that just relax, she’ll give me more anesthetic if I feel pain.

I just wanted to cry without saying any word when my mouth opened wildly.

Each tick of the clock was bringing my cold sweat more as time passing by. The bad tooth slipped from the forceps again and again. Finally the dentist let out her breath, said the bad tooth had loosened. For a while, it had been pulled out with blood.