Nothing special

There are two beans in my family,hehe~~namely,a couple of little cats.

They differ from each other in their surface,one is white,name is white bean zhou,the other is black,name is black bean zhou,hehe~~

In the beginning,they look as if a few all thumbs,now,they have become grow little by little,not only pretty but also smart,I like them very much...just old cat was nervous when I touched those little cats,you may look at them,but you must not touch them,it kept them as the apple of the eye.

The seventh day,a couple of little cats had opened the eyes already, and once the old cat lay in its nest,the little cats began to eat, from daytime to night,they ate and ate,as if they would never full.

I noticed they was regarding me curiously sometimes.I enjoyed looking at them in front of the nest by squat.

Neighbor were fixing their house recently,we heard the terrible sound in the next door everyday,I was greatly troubled about this noises.but I can keep my temper under contol,just I'm afraid this terrible noises is ill health for the little cats.  By the way,I learn English close to three months,maybe there are a lot of error in it,but it's my the first English blog,so,please don't make fun of me.  Whatever,try to look on the bright side of things,if I would only try,I believe I can do it.

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