——Writing Exercises

I had downloaded a VCR which is a concert performance by yuquan from the eMule  days ago. I watched the VCR in my spare time last evening. I had on earphone and stood at the computer desk in the living room. Jumping up and down along with music, I was not only singing but dancing as well and soon out of breath. I enjoyed myself very much.

This concert is so wonderful. I watched the VCR in the same way that I was in theater.

I had been making the strange noise, Just then, my husband, Aiming, who was surfing the net, he could not bear it any more, he rushed into living room and asked me to stopped.

He said: ’ You was allowed to exclaim like a ghost in the midnight, but you must give me the earphone, because I could not suffer from your noises, I have to plug up my ear.’

I refused to do so, and answered: ’ The earphone belong to me, there are cotton wool in the bedroom, and there is a tool which is repair closestool in the washroom, you can choose between them.’

Aiming said: ‘ Either I plug up my ear or you plug up your mouth, you can choose between them.’

We both could not resist the temptation to laugh.