A shit guy

A shit guy whose brain damaged, was chatting to me on the msn. What he said was a bunch of crap. I did not know what the hell he was talking about. I knew him well, because we ofter tour and take part in party together. His girlfriend even told us about his lascivious flaw, and tried to fix him, then turned him into a good person. No matter what she did, he never changed.

'Long time no see! Even though you have moved in Beijing, I still miss you so much!'

'Leave me alone!'

'I should be paying a visite to you in time, and exactly you are supposed to treat dinner for me! Gave me your new phone number!'

'Shut up!'

'We will talk to each other alone. You never flee from my hold!'

'Get out!'

'What a awful girl you are!'

'Why not stop barking? Now get out befour I throw you out! I do not want to talk to a crazy porson like you any more!'

The way he speaks so annoying that I almost throw up. Fighting the shit guy off, I decided to write a piece of composition so that I would let him read it, and than forbid him in this way talking to me again.