A virtual dog

I had upgraded MSN from version 08 to version 09 months ago. There is a dog logo below the menu bar of the new version. Pressing the button with curiosity, I saw that there are several kinds of pet dogs you can adopt them by free and they all have extremely realistic 3D effects.

I had picked out a chubby figure dog and called him paw. From then on I get a virtual dog.

At first, paw puts on a pool face, wags his head and tail, wants me to feed him. I felt a little interested in this game. The dog and scene of the game look like real things. I log in everyday for get more bones to buy dog food or kennel something.

A couple of days later, the novelty passed rapidly, because I realized that paw merely did some simple action. No matter what I did, he just always feel sad.

I found the others’ virtual dogs that dropped their eyes and hung their head with a pool look, and laid their empty food dish on the ground. They must had been abandoned by people who used to be their owners.

There are a large number of dogs that were left by their owners. In my opinion, the game developers should consider that whether set up a recycling bin for the virtual dogs nobody needs for.