Peace be with stray cats and dogs

The spring sunshine is bright. A variety of colorful kites in the blue sky.

Stray cats had had new generation. Some little figures strolled around bushes in our yard. They play and find food during the day. Sometimes they sleep under the parked cars. I will check out underneath my car when I going to drive out.

At the night, taking a bowl of fresh water and cat food,I went downstairs. I crouched by bushes to feed them. Soon two little heads of cat stretched to take a look at me. One of them regarded me warily, anther circled around me. They just stared at me, seemed like not interested in food and water.

I put the cat food in my palm and hinted to them that they can come here to eat. The wary one didn’t close to me, anther one put his dirty face on my hands and his tail wagged.

Laying the water and cat food on the ground, I petted the poor cat tenderly. He felt so comfortable that squinted his eyes and purred louldly. Probably no one did this for him before.

After a while, I turned back to the upstairs. Two little cats followed me even one of them jumped several steps.

Standing at the stairs looked at them, I didn’t leave until they turned into the bushes with resignation.

Feeling guilty about this, I had nothing to do except for merely fed them. I wish that everyone to be kind to stray cats and dogs, take care of them, help them, make them free from harm and then they could spend their life in safety.