A lavender-pillow

I had bad sleep since moved in hangzhou. New surrounding, new place, new pillow, especially the mattress which’s as hard as turtle shell, made it impossible to get rid of insomnia. I suffered considerable discomfort from all of these.

Today I went a supermarket to buy a kind of lavender-pillow and a soft bedclothes. I had no sooner went back home than I changed the pillow, lifted the mat and put the soft bedclothes under. I was pleasant to think about that I’ll get a nice sleep tonight.

I had heard Aiming scream out in our bedroom when I was washing dishes in the kitchen after dinner. I harried into the bedroom to ask him what’s going on here?

He pointed to the lavender-pillow I bought and ask me whether our cats pee on it? Because this smilled so bad.

I told him this is a lavender scent that would help me fall into deep sleep.

Aiming drew me toward him, put his nose in my hair, then laugh at me and said my smell is bad too. He added that the lavender-pillow just like a piece of moldy bread.

If the pillow is as bad as he described, how can I get a good sleep tonight?