I had more than once come over to the only one lone village which was on the hillside.

Whatever the cause, I forgot everything about before since I sudden appeared on the dirt road of the village.

It’s getting dark. The only road in the village, piled on either side by haystacks and woods,
which was always dusty. From the edge of village to the foot of the hill, the twisted path traced its way through the small town, and the piles found their way down the hill just like a narrow alley my childhood used to dream it.

When I stood at the entrance of the village as usual, my memory became a complete blank. I didn’t want to think about past anymore. After frequent experiences, I had learned to get used to all things.

I saw that the village just didn’t seem very different from usual as I arrived late at dusk. Several houses lit the kerosene lamps up and the dim flames cast some shapes trambling on the wall.

Walking by front of those houses, I saw family warm breath from each opened wood door, through thatched roof, pushing up to the air, rapidly risen into the dark sky.

I loitered aimlessly along the rough path where I was familiar, even closing my eyes, I still able to round every pit.

The scene was silent. There were no frogs in spring, no cicadas in summer, no insects in autumn, no snowfall in winter, no sunshine in the daytime, no moonlight at night, no a sound could be heard. I hadn’t even seen a sign of life except shadow which was on the mud wall.

I thought that perhaps for this reason I could appear here as I had lost my memory. Feeling the blood in my body, talking to my heart, I could see my fresh thoughts and nobody would disturb me.

I always leave here involuntarily before the dawn coming.

To be continue......