Illusion(to continue)

On my way which is across the forest toward the foot of the hill, everything happened here faded away. I knew that the memory about this village will be lost, I can’t remember until I come back again.

There were weird noises behind me breaking silence.

My white dress has been worn for a thousand year. When I had turned back, it must become as new as before although it was once torn to shreds. Put it on, I’m the most beautiful fairy in this illusive world.

I don’t like the black one that only a few times I would wear it. Riding through the sky on a bloomstick, I heard the foul wind blow the black dress up with a rattle. Cursed black bats flew with shirping on ahead of me. Everything was in a thorough muddle. I could not look for direction properly even though I keep my eyes open.

In this moment, that black dress followed me, as a deep shadow in my life.

I staggered and skinned my arm against a stack of wood. The blood bring all memory back.

In fact, during a thousand year, I had buried the black dress in a haystacks again and again. This is a real reason why I appeared at here. Before dawn, by the time I was ready to depart, the memories had gone. New black dress forced me to scrape my skin, caused new blood began to flow, and  let me dressed it flying away.

In my subconscious mind, I return to the primitive village for discard the painful memories. But the more memories one want to forget, the deeper they become. Even if people died, they would never disappear.

The end.