If by any chance there are ghosts in the world, then how many stuck in the abandoned house where across the river.

It is a grim rainy day. Lucy and I visited here in the afternoon.

Over half shops were closed. Colorful flags standing on the store roof were flying in the cold wind. We passed a dusty alley, crossed a little bridge, climbed the top of a tower, saw the haunting house, near the river, where there was as silent as always.

 “I’d like to take you to a quiet place that no one goes there.” I said to Lucy.

We crossed another little bridge, got to the opposite bank of the river, left the tower behind us.

We walked on a muddy path which was lined on either side by bamboo fence. After a while, we got lost when the road became narrower.

There are several old houses standing on an unsettled land near by the riverside, they don’t look like badly damaged even after so many years. One door in faded red paint was ajar

The chilly wind began to blow through the empty yard, sounds like ghosts’ whisper. Perhaps hundreds of years ago there’s a poor woman who had been sold to a wealthy by slave owner. Her spirit has stuck here forever since she dies and has suffered all kinds of pain. She lay on the grass during the day, hop up to the roof when the night comes, set on top of the building, look far into the distance where people live in.

Her serenity had been disturbed by our sudden visit at the moment. She might gave us a glassy-eyed stare right now.

We went in the square courtyard, saw a stage first. I explained to Lucy what was that stage for. It used to be a place that played drama for the noble family. Curiousity led Lucy to sneak into a side-door, but backed out immediately, and said that was horrific inside.

We decided to turn back the way we came. The road goes around a pond. A old, dying tree was coiled around by the vines, and its root half in shore of the pond, half in the water. After a while, we noticed that we had returned the place we started. We were disoriented, even the tower disappeared as I looked back to want to find it.

This must be the female ghost who didn’t want us to leave so that cast a spell on us to keep us stay here for a moment. Her past life was full of distress and painfulness. Her soul was trapped here forever without hope.

How short twinkling is, how long forever is?

The noise we made broke the endless silence and brought her soul out of the darkness. So I thought she may follow us right now.

I was imagining many things about her. If I closed my eyes and listened carefully, maybe I can hear her sobbing in the wind. If I opened my eyes stared at somewhere, maybe I can see her bright eyes filled with tears.

I would like to assuage her grief if I can.