A most amusing experience

Last weekend, after I had left shanghai, I went home by air, I saw an air waiter who was shine and handsome aboard the plane。He wheel the cart came over when I saw him warmly, I bought an electric shaver which was made in Korea for my elder brother, because I wanna cover up own embarrassment。

The air waiter gave me a showpiece and said in a fair-sounding voice:

“please don’t tryout it!”

I cannot help smiling, and then I said:

“Take it easy, I have not shave!”

He also woke up to himself make a mistake, I set eyes on his flushing。

The airplane arrived at xingzheng airdrome very quickly, I went to my mother’s by bus。

As soon as I had into the room, I told my parents what happened this so interesting thing aboard the plane, They began to laugh。